Hello lovelies!!! Wow so I haven’t blogged in awhile so sorry guys but anyways school is almost over and I can’t wait to be on summer break you have no idea!! So another thing Malificent is coming out this Friday is anybody else excited ?! I’m super excited and I’m really going to try and go πŸ™‚ we’ll today’s blog is pretty short I just don’t have much to say sorry lol we’ll leave me comments done below and talk to me! Oh and I just remembered I’m trying to get a new job so wish me luck with that because I had an interview this past week and I’m suppose to find out this upcoming week if I made it so please wish me luck and pray for me!!

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also I want to start posting more often either weekly or daily so whenever I figure how I’m going to do that it will be question of the day (QOTD) or question of the week (QOTW). You guys catch the drift lol

So without further or do today’s QOTD IS:

if you could be any Disney princess or prince who would it be and why? Leave me your comment down below and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Chia seeds

Hey lovelies!!! Don’t hate me please I know it’s been awhile since my last post I’ve just a been so lazy with literally everything school is just so exhausting and work too I just need to sleep for two days lol!! Anyways so my sisters birthday is this weekend and we’re celebrating by having a nerf gun party on Saturday night with a group of good friends so that’s going to be super exciting!! I’ve been drinking chia seeds lately ( that’s an avocado shake in the photo with chia seed) I know it sounds funny but it’s so good for you and don’t worry about the taste because it’s tasteless!! It’s super good with smoothies, yogurt, and plain ole water!! So yeah I’ve been consuming it for like 3 days and it feels so good, it fills you up so you eat less so I’m rarely ever hungry, it curves your cravings and it energizes you and helps you sleep better. The list goes on you guys just need to do your research and you’ll see how seriously awesome this stuff is so I recommend you guys try it. I’m so nervous about my ap lang exam by the way!! If any of you have had the class and have any advice please share, I’m praying so hard that I pass!! We’ll thanks so much for reading and please comment and talk to me!!! Oh and subscribe to my YouTube channel I only have one video but bare with me I’m working on it πŸ™‚ my name is francisneira!! Follow me on Instagram too it’s the same francisneiraimage

It’s dragging on…… Seriously

Hello lovelies!!! I’m so sorry I know I suck I haven’t blogged on here in a while my last post was spring break! I’ve just been so very berry busy with work and school and I have like 6 weeks left….. I think ? Lol anyways so yeah and I have a bunch of test and finals coming and I’m just so tired and I’m trying not to freak out but I can’t help it I’m more scared for my ap lang exam, I’m seriously going to poop my pants lol I’m just so freaked for the exam, I’m just praying like crazy that I pass ALL my test I have to end this year strong!! Anyways so I just started watching Game of Thrones and I LOVE it it’s seriously so good and I’m definitely going to ask my brother to borrow his books cause he has them. My brother and I just have this weird bond over books lol we share books like all the time he has access to my books and I to his and we’ve read the same book at the same time like ill read it and then he’ll come and read it, and we may be on different chapters but it’s super cool bonding with him over one of my biggest passions. By the way did you guys know that people have youtube channels dedicated to books?! So crazy it’s like a makeup guru but instead of makeup it’s books like people do reviews in books they’ve read and show you tours of their book collections and they all have like 400 books lol so crazy but I don’t blame them because that will be me in like 3 years or less Hahahah I love reading. Anyways I’m in chemistry class right now and I should really work on some makeup work so I’ll chat with you guys later, you’re my friends lol the free of you that actually take the time to read my post and even follow me thanks south and I hope my blog continues to grow and my YouTube which I need to film some more lol. Leave me comments guys!!! Question of the day: do you guys love reading and if so what type of books and if you have someone you read with who is it?Β 

Spring Break!

Hello lovelies !! Now I know I haven’t written a post in a little while I apologize about that but anyways I just wanted to know how everyone’s spring break has been going? Mine has been alright I haven’t gone to the beach like everyone else lol but I’ve been to the pool ahahah and I saw the premiere of Divergent it was soo good I don’t think anyone understands my obsession with this story and I really recommend that all of you go grab that book and read it because it’s just that good like seriously go read!!! It’s about a dystopian society and the main character is Tris Prior and through tout the story she goes through a crazy story and meets Four who is played by Theo James in the movie (so beautiful!) lol but yeah just check out. Anyways other than that I’ve been just hanging out at home and going to work and reading I’m on the second book of the series! Oh I have a very important question? I’ve been applying at other places to work for the longest time now and I know this time isn’t the best because it’s pretty dead but I know towards the summer there will be more job opportunities and I just really want a retail job, I really wanted to work at Barnes and nobles and still do and I pray maybe they will give me a chance when summer approaches unless they think I’m crazy already because I’ve already do applied so many times but I’m just being really persistent but without being pushy, I just really want a job there compared to where I am, fast food gets tiring and the quiet surrounding of a bookstore just sounds so much better than a load mall food court :/ anyways any advice would be nice and let me know how you guys are seriously leave me comments and pictures COMMUNICATE WITH ME ! Lol just had to emphasize that, nobody leaves me any comments πŸ™‚ we’ll bah bye for now:)

I never asked for this


Hello lovelies! How’s everyone’s week and day been so far? I hope all of you are doing well I’ve been alright just really busy with schoolwork and still on the job search for a job, I’m currently employed praise God I’m just not making enough hours where I’m at currently and I would really like some retail experience and a job closer home so it’s worth the drive for my mom. I’ve applied at many locations and still no luck 😦 we’ll I’m just going to believe that great things are on the way. I’ve been just so stressed and tired lately and I’ve been doing algebra 1 online because I was dumb and failed it freshman year and here I am trying to get through it junior year ( I know bad timing) I just feel so down about it and my mom hasnt been helping if anything she just keeps on reminding me of what I failure I was and I know that’s not her intention but it just hurts to hear it. There’s just so much on my plate and I just want to leave, I feel like I have no support and I’m feeling down around my friends, I’ve just been feeling like the outcast in the group. So yeah sorry if I’m ranting on about my problems when I’m sure you all have your own anyways thanks so much to those of you who take the time to read my blogs It really does mean a lot to me. I’m still figuring out YouTube, I just gotta figure out how I can schedule it hone fully with spring and summer approaching I’ll definitely be having fun working on my YouTube skills lol anyways to not make this blog so negative there’s a new episode of TVD (the vampire diaries for those of you who don’t know) and Reign and I cany wait, those shows are the bomb if you haven’t watch I highly suggest you check it out it’s so good! I recommend the book for TVD as we’ll they’re amazing so yeah I missed last weeks episode though so I got to watch that before 8 or I’ll be behind lol. We’ll I’m gonna end it here I got a not very fun online course to get on 😦 like, comment, follow, check out my YouTube channel πŸ™‚

Oooo show me!!

imageHello lovelies ! How’s your day been so far I hope that all of you woke up to a beautiful morning today. I just got back from going grocery shopping with the fan and I’m going to see if I can do some Pilates before I head out to work at 5 so yeah πŸ™‚ I’ve been trying to workout and be healthy these past two weeks and I started doing Pilates again on Thursday night and it made me realize how much I miss it, I do aerobics in school but it’s not the same as Pilates, I feel like I’m toning more with Pilates it actually leaves me sore which I love it’s such an accomplishing feeling and aerobics is like my cardio blast and legs exercise cause I feel it works my legs and butt but I really want to work the tummy ! I’m going to the beach tomorrow which is super exciting I just hope my bloating goes away in time for that I’ve been drinking lots of water and exercising to help with that πŸ˜‰ Β anyways what did you guys have for breakfast show me!! I drank a yummy berry and soy shake this morning with toasted bread with peanut butter and strawberry slices ( the picture down below) I hope you have an awesome rest of your day and show me your pictures or comment down below :*

Fruit and stepping up on the woman scale..

Hello lovelies!! So it’s been quit a bit since I wrote my last blog I’m sorry I’ve just been so caught up with school and such anyways how are you all doing? Today was pretty good didn’t go to school today which was cool with me lol so yeah I made mochi today and for those of you who don’t know what it is it’s this delicious squishy almost gummy like treat or candy from Japan and most frozen yogurt places carry it as a topping atleast thats where I first discovered it and so I searched how to make it at home and it’s super easy and fun, it’s a process but real simple and it taste so good with a frozen dessert. I have videos on my Instagram of me making it if you would like to check that out my username is @francisneira on that note ( LADYS ONLY TOPIC : GUYS BE WARNED) so on the title I added stepping up on the woman scale and what I meant by that is that it has to do with TOM ( time of the month lol) nice nickname I know any ways me and a group of friends are suppose to go to the beach this Sunday and lucky me TOM decided to show up Thursday morning and I only use pads I have never used a tampon before because they just really creep me out and I’m just so afraid to use them I tried to do it once long time ago and I never got the guts to just shove it in there lol so because of TOM I was faced with the tampon issue again because like you just can’t go to the beach with a pad it just doesn’t work and it would be just to noticeable so I tried Thursday night and had to have the conversation with my mom lol and it wasn’t successful Thursday I was just so incredibly scared that it would hurt and a googled it like crazy and they tell you to put it at an angle and just ugh tamping are so complicated but mother says that once I get the hang of it I’m going to love it over pads and I can see what she’s saying and I’m determined to get this down by Sunday lol so anyways Thursday didn’t work so I tried again today on Friday and I did it!!! I was so proud but the downside lol I put it in wrong Ike I know your joy really suppose to feel it and turns out I didn’t put it in deep enough lol but I’m just going to try again tomorrow we’ll today seeing as it’s 2 in the morning Saturday already lol but I’m just glad I got through the applicator part because that was the part I was so scared about was just getting it in there to apply the thing lol anyways sorry for the sensitive topic:) so besides that I logged onto my online algebra class because I failed it freshman year ugh so annoying but yeah I ate fruit and drank green tea while I did that. I wish you all a lovely night and please check out my YouTube channel if you haven’t already, I could really use the support and I know I only have one video I’m working on it I really want to get a makeup vid up soon just please bear with me, I just need to figure out my scheduling because I really want to get serious about my channel πŸ™‚ goodnight ❀Image